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Emergency Lodge

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Emergency Lodge
1730 North 7th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205 414-265-6360

The Emergency Lodge is a 120 bed facility that provides temporary shelter, meals and case management for homeless adults and families. Social workers provide case management services that will help alleviate factors that cause homelessness. The goal is to return individuals to appropriate housing in the community.


The Salvation Army Homeless Clinic operates on a weekly basis and residents have access to Job Development & Placement Counseling. The Children's Education Center provides support for children whose families are in crisis and the Homeless Family Support Program offers alternatives to families about to enter the Emergency Lodge. Together with the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army provides Respite Care for homeless individuals with medical conditions. The Emergency Lodge also puts people in touch with Winterstar Transitional Housing, a program for homeless men and women who are in a recovery program or who are dealing with mental health issues, if appropriate.

Residents of The Emergency Lodge include children. In the entryway, their drawings and projects are posted. During Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday celebration, one child wrote her "I Have a Dream" speech.

"I have a dream for myself...

I want to be very smart. I want to finish college. I want to be a teacher, nurse,

neurosurgeon, and a principal. I want my life to be just perfect!

I have a dream for my family ..."

Read the rest.

Get involved and make The Emergency Lodge a better place by participating in the "Meaningful Makeover" project. See how some participants transformed a room.



If you're interested in making The Emergency Lodge a more hopeful play to stay, contact Joy Alexander at 414-302-4300 or e-mail:


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